How to install Windows 10 on a Dell laptop

The Dell XPS 13 Xtreme 7 is an entry-level laptop, but it comes with a price tag that’s on par with the top-end Dell laptops.

The price tag, however, doesn’t include the Windows 10 upgrade, which can cost as much as $1,500 if you have a high-end model.

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptops offer a slightly higher price tag.

This isn’t the first time Dell has released Windows 10-compatible laptops, but the XPS 15 Xtremes7’s $1.99 price tag is higher than what you’d pay on some of the more expensive Dell laptops available today.

To install Windows 8.1 on your XPS 14 Xtend 7, you’ll need a Dell Inspirons 7, 755, and 757 models.

The Inspiron 14 15 is a $1 laptop that offers the same performance and support as the Xtender 7.

The Xtenders 15 is the lowest-priced XPS laptop that Dell sells, but you’ll be paying more than you’d on some other laptops.