What is Monte Carlo’s secret?

Monte Carlo fans have been wondering what is Monte’s secret, a few years after it closed its doors.

But the answer could be hidden in a secret door at the casino, according to local TV channel RTL.

The secret, according the channel, is that the casino has a secret floor where the door opens onto a secret room.

RTL is one of the channels to cover the secret room and said it is the only one that could reveal what it is. 

The secret room, the channel explained, is actually the “escape room” from the movie “La Mancha” and is the reason why Monte Carlo closed.

Monte Carlo has opened its doors in the past to its fans and is often visited by tourists.

RTl also shared a video of a Monte Carlo fan dressed in a “La Cosa Nostra” outfit.

It’s unclear if the secret door is connected to the La Cosa.

Monte has been open for several years, and the casino opened in December of 2013.

According to RTL, the secret “escape” room is where Monte Carlo can keep a secret of sorts.

It was not clear if Monte’s official staff are allowed access to the room.