What is the fan-bus?

Posted October 03, 2018 09:54:08A fan-buses have been spotted in Southport.

It was a bit surreal to see a bus full of children and teenagers sitting in a bus park on the way to the stadium.

“They’re quite a bit older than the bus itself and they’re just sitting there and they were there to watch the game and enjoy it,” local mum Jane Anderson told News24.

“It’s just very sweet.

It’s very nice to see people out there just hanging out and enjoying the game.”

Ms Anderson said she hoped the fans were enjoying the atmosphere on the bus.

“The fans were really excited to get on the fan buses,” she said.

“We’ve seen some of the older ones, like two or three in one go.”

There were kids there who had tickets for the game too and they just had their parents come along.

“Ms Manners said she had been to the match at the stadium on several occasions before.”

I think it’s nice that they have the opportunity to go there because it’s a great place to go out and watch football,” she added.”

To see the atmosphere and the fans out there enjoying the football.

“A fan bus passes by a stadium in South Australia, where the Wanderers’ first game was played on October 2, 2018.

The Wanderers defeated Melbourne Victory 2-1 at the MCG on October 3, 2018.(Supplied: Wanderers)