Which are the best PS4 Pro gaming consoles?

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1 of 4 The PlayStation 4 Pro is now available for pre-order, and Microsoft has announced the first batch of PS4 Slim bundles.

The PS4 S, PS4 Max, and PS4 TV bundle all include a Slim box.

The console’s price tag is also significantly lower than the PS4s original price of $499.

The Xbox One S and PS 4 Slim are still available for purchase for $499, $349, and $399 respectively.

All the bundles come with a 30-day return policy and Microsoft is offering a free trial of the PS VR headset if you buy a PS4, PS VR, or PS VR Pro bundle at least once.

The PlayStation VR headset has been delayed for a year, but Microsoft has confirmed that the console will be available on October 13.

The games Microsoft will be releasing with the PSVR bundle include: The Witness VR, The Unspoken: The Void, and The Last of Us Remastered.