Corsair’s new RGB fan comes in a new package

A new RGB color for the Corsair Vengeance RGB series graphics cards has been revealed at Computex.

It is called “Corsair RGB” and will be offered in a variety of different colors.

Corsairs previous RGB line, which had two colors, was only available in black and white.

In a press release Corsair described the new RGB line as offering a “new palette of vivid, vibrant colors.”

The brand also explained that it’s “adding RGB to the lineup of RGB lighting that delivers the most consistent color experience to gamers, including an expanded selection of colors.”

While it’s not clear exactly how the RGB light will work, Corsair says that it will offer three levels of brightness: 0-240Hz, 240-320Hz and 320-600Hz.

There are four preset modes: RGB (100% saturation), RGB-S (120% saturation) and RGB-H (200% saturation).

The RGB light is “fully customizable” and there are presets that can be turned on or off, but the company says that they are “based on the user’s preference and not a manufacturer-specified standard.”

It is, however, possible to customize the brightness of the light with a software option, which Corsair describes as a “menu option.”

The software option will be available in the Corsair RGB Gaming Software for Windows and Mac, and is priced at $29.99.