Gas pump fan in Wisconsin garage could cause damage to home

A garage fan in Milwaukee could cause more than $5,000 in damage to a home because of the loud noise, according to the state Department of Environmental Quality.

In a letter to the owner of a home on Riggs Road in Wisconsin’s St. Joseph County, the department warned the fan was causing the home to experience noise that can be “severely detrimental to the health and safety of the occupants and guests.”

The letter said the fan is designed for a home’s main exhaust fan, but “is not required for the operation of this type of fan.”

The home has an old gas pump that can’t be replaced because it’s leaking gas, the letter said.

The pump has an internal water heater and water pipes that are “not connected to a common electrical outlet.”

The pump, which emits noise at up to 800 decibels, is being replaced and the owner has received a letter from the state saying it will cost $1,000 to replace it, the state’s letter said, according of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The fan is the second-oldest of its kind in Wisconsin, according a 2011 report by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The department’s website said it has found that a “low-speed fan that operates at high RPM can generate considerable noise at night and can cause electrical conductivity issues in the home.”

A similar issue has occurred at a home in Green Bay, Wis., according to a 2011 article by the Milwaukee Business Journal.