What you need to know about the $200,000 Nintendo fan controller

With the Nintendo Switch launch set to begin on Oct. 10, 2017, some consumers are being asked to shell out $200 to own the system.

Nintendo has sold over 50,000 Switch consoles, which means that if you’re willing to fork over $200 for one, you’re also likely to be able to get one in the first days of the new console’s launch.

Here’s a quick guide to buying a Nintendo Switch fan controller.

What is a Nintendo fan control?

The Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new console that’s coming to the U.S. in October, is designed for gamers to enjoy the joy of playing the latest games on the Nintendo eShop.

It’s also the first console to have a built-in touchscreen, which lets you use the controller as a gamepad, a touch screen or a touchscreen.

You can even use it to control other devices.

But, as the name suggests, a Nintendo Fan Controller is a fan controller that lets you control Nintendo Switch games and TV shows using a simple button press.

You plug the controller into a television, a gaming system, a TV or any device that has a TV screen.

It’s basically a Nintendo game console that lets players of any console use their smartphone, tablet or PC as a controller.

The system uses an infrared receiver to communicate with your TV and other devices and lets you play games with it on your smartphone, gaming system or TV.

The controller itself is designed to be portable and easy to use.

You just plug it in to your TV or other device, hold it in your hand and then press the button to play.

The Nintendo Fan controller will work on your television, gaming console, TV or smartphone.

It doesn’t have to be connected to a TV.

When will the Nintendo Nintendo Switch come out?

The first Nintendo Switch consoles will launch at midnight on Oct 10, and they’ll cost $199.99.

Nintendo is still working out how to sell the system in the U., but you can pre-order yours now for $199 on Nintendo’s website.

If you’re looking to buy one right away, you can do so through the Nintendo Direct channel.

The company has also released an online shop for pre-orders.

How much does it cost?

The fan controller is available for $200 right now, and will be available at launch for $239.99 at the Nintendo Store.

Nintendo says the controller is “fully compatible with the console and games” and will work with the Switch “with no software required.”

You’ll also be able use the Nintendo Controller to play games and use the system’s built-up accessories.

How can I get one?

There are two options for purchasing a Nintendo Nintendo Fan Control.

The first is to purchase it in the Nintendo Online Store, where it will cost $239 at launch.

The second option is to get it in person from Nintendo at its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

The best way to buy is to go to the Nintendo online store and use your debit or credit card.

You will be charged $2.79 for a single-use Nintendo Switch Fan Controller.

You can also pre-purchase the controller online for $99 and pick it up at Nintendo’s retail store in Tokyo, which is where you can pick up a Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller for $89.99, which will also have the Nintendo fan controllers on it.

For more information about the Nintendo Fan Controls, check out the Nintendo website.