What do you want to see when the new Samsung TV arrives?

The new Samsung TVs, known as the Samsung Gear, are expected to be the biggest shakeup in the streaming box market since the release of the original Galaxy Note line in late 2012.

But they’re also being marketed as a big step forward for TV makers and consumers alike, not just as a new way to watch content.

The new TVs are the latest in a wave of changes that have been made to the way we consume video content, including new streaming boxes, Roku, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus, which were created specifically to be more like streaming services.

The TVs have all been designed with more premium features than before, and there are no new features to compare them to, but they’re expected to offer better features than what was offered before.

The Samsung Gear is expected to go on sale in October in the U.S. and other countries.

It is the latest device in a long line of Samsung TVs that has been marketed as more of a “Netflix for TV,” rather than a new streaming service.

The Gear will come in two flavors, a standard model with the TV and two premium models with the headset and an antenna.

The standard model will be available starting at $399 for the basic model and $599 for the Premium model.

The premium model is expected for later this year and is expected by some to come in at $999.

A new model, the Samsung Note Pro, is expected in November.

The Galaxy Gear will also have some new features.

The most important is that it will include a new Roku Streaming Stick.

The device will come with two antennas that support streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

It also has a built-in antenna that will let you use it as a remote control for TV apps like Roku and Hulu.

The Samsung Note will be sold separately and can be ordered separately or with a Samsung Pay-enabled Samsung Smartphone or a Samsung Smart TV.

Both the Gear and the Note Pro will also come with new features that will allow for “supercharged” streaming experiences.

One such feature is Dolby Vision, which can help create 4K HDR content and provide a “thousand-degree” field of view for movies.

The other major feature of the Samsung TV is an updated version of Amazon Prime, which will allow users to get access to hundreds of millions of movies.

Amazon Prime also lets users watch a wide range of content on its own, without needing a subscription.

Amazon will make its own streaming boxes for the Samsung devices, but it will be up to consumers to choose which to use.

The devices also have a new camera app that will take photos, videos and video streaming to the screen, while adding an app that can control music streaming.

The TV is expected be the first of its kind to be built with Dolby Atmos sound, and Samsung has said that it is working with Dolas audio technology company to deliver the experience.

It will also offer a variety of new features, including improved voice search and support for Siri, a new interface that can be used by the user to control apps and media.

A number of the new features will also be made available for the new Gear.

The company is also working on new Samsung Gear apps, and it will begin shipping its own version of the apps in October.

Samsung says it will add more apps and support to the apps to allow users the ability to customize the apps even more.

There are no specs for the devices, other than to say that they are expected for sometime in the third quarter of this year.

It’s unclear how much it will cost, but a Samsung representative said that the new models will be priced lower than the existing models.