When you’re the biggest and the best, you get to hang with the biggest…

By The Associated Press WriterJuly 30, 2018 05:03:31The biggest athletes in the world compete against one another, but only in one way: They get to choose the athletes they’re paired with, and when it comes to the biggest events in the sport, the big names tend to play favorites.

The Associated Sport ranks the 10 most-watched sporting events of the year, which include the Olympic games and the World Cup.

But it doesn’t rank the most-anticipated sporting event, which is why we asked the experts to pick the sport’s biggest and best.

In this edition of the Ask Us Anything, we look at how sports can make or break an athlete, whether it’s the most famous or obscure player, and why the biggest star is likely to be a guy who’s already a household name.

The question: “What does it take to be the most valuable athlete in the game?”