How to fix Noctua’s $20,000 ceiling fan problems

On March 1, Noctua announced its first big-name recall in a decade: a $20k fan for its Noctua NH-U12P case.

This recall was part of a broader effort by Noctua to upgrade its systems to meet the growing demand for air-cooled CPUs.

The company’s latest case has a $5k fan and a $4k fan with an 8mm fan, according to an internal memo obtained by Ars Technica.

Noctua has yet to provide a breakdown of the fan’s power consumption or performance, but according to the memo, the fan had trouble producing enough current to operate the system.

Noctuas fans are rated at more than 500W and can handle over 1.5GHz.

In our tests, the Noctua NF-U1200P system had issues with the fans not producing enough power.

When we tried to run Windows’ Sleep Mode or an overclocking tool, we could not boot the system, even after turning on the fans and manually controlling the fan speeds.

The Noctua system has a 2-year warranty.

It’s not clear why Noctua is having issues with fans in the NH-UP series, but the company says it’s working on a fix.

Noctus has been in the business of making air-efficient computers for some time, so we’re curious to see how the company’s next big-screen CPU heatsink stacks up against its competitors.