Which USB fan controllers can you plug into your USB ports?

In our latest series, we’ll answer the question, which USB fan controller can you put your USB devices in?

This week, we’re taking a look at two of the more affordable USB fan control kits on the market, both of which feature a small, yet convenient USB power outlet for connecting to the device.

If you have an existing USB fan, we recommend looking into an adapter that allows you to charge your USB device via USB while keeping your other devices powered on.

The Razer Naga 3G Fan Control Kit is available for $99.99 at Amazon, or from Razer on Amazon.com.

The Stove Fan Control is available at Amazon for $49.99, and from Razer as well for $29.99.

The USB 2.0 Fan Control by STORE is also available for a modest price.

The STORE USB Fan Control offers USB ports for your USB-powered devices and is available from Razer at $69.99 for a single model or $99 for two models.

The new Razer Nago 3G USB Fan is available on Razer’s site for $79.99 and on Amazon for a mere $49 in the U.S. The Nago is available in both white and black.

In the case of the Razer Noga, you get the standard USB-2.0 fan, and in the case the Naga you get a smaller, slightly smaller USB-1.1 fan.

The difference in the size is negligible when compared to the price difference between the two fans, but the smaller size means that you’ll want to make sure your USB hub is well-equipped with USB ports that can be plugged into the hub itself, like the included USB-A port on the Noga.

If it’s a new device, you can also add a third USB-3.0 port to the USB-C port on your USB 2, 3, or 4 hub to connect to your device.