Panasonic bathroom fan – The one you don’t want to look at

A brand new Panasonic bathroom radiator fan is set to become a household item in the UK, as it helps keep the hot water running properly in your home.

The new fan is being released by the Japanese manufacturer as part of its upcoming Panasonic LED lighting products, and it comes with an LED light strip attached.

The fan is powered by two 120VAC outlets connected by an AC power cable.

The fan also features a power switch which can be used to turn off the fan if the fan is not turned on.

The LED strip will also help you keep your home cool during the winter, by automatically dimming down the fan when you’re not using it.

The radiator fan comes with a range of attachments, which includes an LED strip, which can change the fan’s brightness, a remote control for the fan to operate with your voice, and a temperature gauge to help monitor the temperature in your house.

There’s no word yet if Panasonic is planning to release the fan in the US, but the company has already released a new Panasonic LED lightstrip for the company’s Smart home products.

We’ve contacted Panasonic for comment and will update this story when we get a response.