Nintendo’s Wii U is now an iPhone fan app, not an Android fan app

A fan-made fan-to-fan app for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console has become a popular tool for the Japanese company’s online community, according to an exclusive report.

The official Nintendo iOS app, which allows fans to sign up for Nintendo message boards and upload screenshots of game footage, has since grown into a dedicated fan-run app for fans to use on their own devices, according the report.

A number of fan-generated apps have cropped up in recent months, but the new Nintendo app appears to be the first dedicated fan app for the console.

While the app currently only allows users to upload screenshots, videos and other gameplay videos, fans can upload their own videos, screenshots and gameplay videos.

“It is also possible to upload your own gameplay footage.

Nintendo has always made a great game experience by providing a video mode,” the app’s description reads.”

The new Nintendo GamePad can be used to play games on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.”

The app has been downloaded more than 2 million times in the past few months, and the app has amassed over 1.2 million subscribers, the report said.

Users have also posted their own screenshots of the game, and uploaded gameplay footage and gameplay footage from other fans.

Users can also share gameplay footage via Twitter and Facebook.

In response to the new app, Nintendo said on its website: “We are working to ensure fans can use this service in the most creative ways and share their own footage with the community.”