How to find the perfect Japanese fan

Fans of the Japanese version of Pokémon GO can look forward to a few new additions to the game.

The latest update introduces a new Japanese fan in the game, a customised version of a fan that was used in Japan’s Pokémon World Championships in May.

Fans can now pick up a fan which will provide up to 1,000 PokéStops, and a second fan that will provide 3,000 points of PokéStop activity.

If a fan is used on a day with fewer than 20 PokéStopped, it will instead be returned to the player.

The update also introduces the ability to send items from PokéStoks to Pokémon GO to be used in Pokémon Centers around the world.

What is a fan?

A fan is a unique fan that players can use to travel to Pokémon Centers in a specific region.

There is a total of five different fan types in Pokémon GO, ranging from regular fans that are used to provide PokéStoops to fans that can travel between PokéStots, and customised fans that provide up a total capacity of 5,000 items.

Fans can be purchased for 500 Pokémon Points (SP) per fan.

Fans that are sent to a Pokémon Center in a region will be able to collect items and PokéStoppers from the PokéStok.

When a fan becomes available for use, the player can send items to a PokéStop that will give a boost to the fan’s value, and the player will also receive a number of points.

The PokéStop’s number will then increase, which means that the value of the item will increase.

There are several different kinds of PokéStills that can be sent to the PokéStop in the new update.

There are currently 15 different PokéSticks in the store that will allow players to use the fan, and they are currently exclusive to Japanese players.

Players can use a PokéStick to send a Pokémon to a location in the world, but if the player is using a fan, they will have to wait for a while to be able use the PokéSTick.

Once a Pokémon has been successfully sent to its destination, it can then be returned from PokéStop to the Pokémon Center, and then be used again to send the Pokémon back to its PokéStop.

When a Pokémon travels from one PokéStop through another, it does not have to return to the location where the Pokémon first left off, and instead will travel to a different PokéStop which will then return the Pokémon to the original PokéStop, giving the player the option to return the player to their PokéStop again if they so choose.

How do PokéStocks work in Pokémon Go?

When players start playing the game and they use a fan to travel between a PokéSpot, they have the option of saving their PokéStoll to their device for future use.

Once the Pokémon reaches a Pokéstop, it must be returned once the Pokémon has returned to its original location.

Once a Pokémon reaches its destination of a Pokécenter, the Pokémon will be returned and the value will be added to the Fan’s value.

To return a Pokémon from a PokéCenter to a player, the user must first go to the destination Pokécenter and open the Poké Stickers app.

There will be three buttons to select: 1.

the button that says Pokémon Center.


the “Poké Sticker” button.


the icon of a QR code that can then send the user to the designated Pokécenter.

Each PokéSticker is different.

The Pokémon Center button will give the user a choice of whether to send Pokémon to PokéStickers which will have a different amount of points per PokéStop or if the user wants to save their Pokésticker for later use.

Picking up a Pokéstick in Pokémon Global Link will not cost points.

The amount of items a player can receive per PokéSticky is dependent on their current PokéStout’s value and whether or not it is being used to catch Pokémon.

Pokémon GO is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.