How the Sonics Won a Lot of Basketball Without a Single Fan

By Adrian Wojnarowski / Associated PressA little more than a year ago, the Sonos Arena in Kansas City, Kansas, was in a frenzy.

The NBA was coming to town for a big event.

It was a big, loud, flashy game, and people were buying tickets.

The Sonos were about to open their new home, which would be the SonoCon Arena, with a big-name star from basketball’s past: Allen Iverson.

And the Sonic fans were already buzzing about the new arena’s new design, which had been inspired by Iverson’s new home.

It was a fitting way to celebrate Iverson and the new Sonos arena’s grand opening, as the arena was built with Iverson in mind.

The arena was designed with a massive, bright, red and blue glass ceiling, and it featured two large, fan-friendly screens, a large, white, gold and red “Lemons” logo on the upper deck and a white, black and green “Grizzly” logo at the bottom.

The name was a reference to the famed team’s blue, gold, red, white and green colors, the three-color stripes on their jerseys and the iconic logos they used for their logos, including the iconic logo for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In some ways, it was a no-brainer.

The Sonos had just announced the construction of a brand new arena with the help of $6 billion in public funds.

The $1.4 billion, five-year plan was supposed to include more than 1,000 seats and $400 million in revenue, with the goal of creating a new entertainment and sports destination for the region.

“We know that Sonos fans are going to be the primary fans in the arena, but also the new facility will be a place where people will be able to go and be seen and heard,” said Dave Shula, Sonos’ vice president of corporate development.

“That will be our goal.”

The SonoArena opened in August 2018, and the building has since become one of the city’s most iconic sports venues.

Its red and gold color scheme is the only one that matches the logo, and fans will likely recognize the names of the teams playing in the game, whether they’re in a Warriors jersey or a Wizards jersey.

In 2018, Sono sold more than 4 million tickets for games in Kansas, Oklahoma and Utah, and over 5 million for games around the country.

The arena is home to the Oklahoma Thunder and the Utah Jazz, which will play in it in 2022.

Sonos also has an arena in Seattle.

In March 2019, Sonoma County voters approved a $15.5 million bond to fund construction of the arena.

Sonoma was awarded a $5.8 million tax abatement from the state.

The project’s first major construction project, a $2 billion renovation of the Sonoma Coliseum, opened in October 2020.

That project included adding a giant video screen on the top deck and replacing the roof with a more modern look, with glass covering the entire roof.

The $3 billion renovation plan is now the centerpiece of the county’s $3.3 billion capital improvement plan.

That includes $1 billion for the Sonomascotec Museum, a 10,000-seat, state-of-the-art museum, and $2.2 billion for a new parking garage.

The stadium also includes new lighting and a new roof deck.

The new roof is covered in “Lemon Lime” paint.

It is painted a shade of red, and there are signs that indicate the paint’s origin.

It’s supposed to be green and yellow, and a color scheme similar to the team’s orange, black, blue and gold.

The “LEMON LIME” sign at the Sonopac Center.

The building was previously a basketball arena.

The new paint on the roof is green and lime.

This photo was taken in 2018.

The team is building a new practice facility and a stadium that will seat 1,400.

It will also build a new court, and Sono said it will also have a new, fully functional media center.

The construction of SonosArena began in 2021 and has been a labor of love for the company since then.

The company and its investors have invested in Sonos as a way to make a lasting investment in the city of Kansas City.

“I think there’s a real sense of ownership in the region and in Sonics fans, and I think we’re building something very special for them,” said Kevin Kwan, Sonopacs CEO.

The building has become a favorite place for the team to practice and play, as well as a popular spot for fans to watch the games.

But it also has a reputation for being a place that is a place to get rowdy, where fans