How to build a ‘hand’ fan in less than 15 minutes

TechCrunch, a publication covering the latest tech news, is reporting that Microsoft is working on a new “hand” fan for the Xbox One.

Microsoft has been working on building a new Xbox One hand fan, and Microsoft has already released a few mockups for it.

The new fan will feature a 3D printed enclosure, which can be made of plastic or metal, and can be used to keep fans from spinning out of control.

The fan will be able to withstand up to 4,000 rpm, and will use the Kinect sensor to automatically turn on and off the fan, according to Microsoft.

The Xbox One will also feature an ambient lighting feature that will automatically turn off the lights when the fan is turned on, according the report.

Microsoft will also use this feature to make sure the fan won’t run too hot.

Microsoft is reportedly working on the fan with the help of a startup called Zynthium, which has developed a “smart fan” for the Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

The fan will reportedly be priced at $199.99, and is expected to arrive in March of this year.