What’s only ‘fan’ accounts? ‘Only Fan’ accounts are what Twitter says they are

Twitter users are now calling out only fans in their tweets, while calling out other accounts that they claim are only fans.

The tweets are being shared by a group of Twitter users calling themselves “Only Fans” who have called out Twitter for not only not allowing them to have their accounts verified but also not allowing the account holders to add other accounts to the network.

“Twitter has a clear policy against users sharing their identity, so I was surprised to see the company have no policies in place for this,” they wrote.

“So if I was to use an account on Twitter, I’d be able to see everything about it and not be able change anything.”

As the account holder said, “Theres a clear ban on using a user name for your Twitter account, unless they’re specifically authorised to use it.

And if I wanted to, I could also add any account that has been verified or flagged by Twitter.

But they cant do that.”

They added, “I would appreciate if Twitter would reconsider and allow me to share my identity with other people without their permission.”

The account holder claimed that if they wanted to see their identity and see everything that they have tweeted, they could either log in to their Twitter account or create a new account on the platform.

But the Twitter account holder didn’t believe they could do that.

“I’m not sure if that is the case, but if it is, I can’t really see how that would be anything other than a bad idea,” they said.

“It would require a lot of work, as I would need to create my own account to see every tweet and comment that has come from my Twitter account.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has been accused of restricting users’ rights.

In November, the company was accused of banning an account holder for a tweet in which she said she would not have her Twitter account removed if she didn’t use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, and the hashtag “NoBanMe”.

In response to the tweet, the account was suspended and she was given a notice to return to the account, which she complied with.

“While I appreciate that Twitter is trying to protect our users from trolls and hate speech, we need to be careful to protect their ability to make important decisions for their users,” the Twitter spokesperson said.