Which Malu is the best in the world?

Malu fans are divided on whether Malu’s second half was as good as the first, but there’s a consensus that the first half was better.

A lot of fans think Malu was much more confident in the first game, especially in the final minute of the second half.

They also feel the Malu side has a lot of potential and that this is one of the best sides in the history of Indian cricket.

Malu is an extremely talented team.

It’s a young team, it’s going to have to be much more determined than the Malis.

The team is going to get more experience, and if the team improves, the A team will come to a bigger advantage.

We’re confident.

The team has already played three Test matches.

It is a good foundation for Malu to go on to win a Test match, especially after this Test series, when we had to go through a lot.

We lost one Test match in Australia, which was a big setback.

We needed a huge lift.

We have a lot to learn and build on, but we know the challenges ahead.

We need to stay focussed on this.

Malou is a great team.

They’re the type of team that you would never see play for India, not in India or the A teams.

The A team is strong, the C team is really strong.

The M team is also really strong, so it’s a great combination.

Malu has a big chance to win the match.

If the team gets its confidence, Malu can be very strong.