“Samantha Bee” actor shares the latest behind-the-scenes tidbits

A new fan service fan favorite has taken over the Twitter account for the “Saw” and “Black Sails” TV shows.

The actor is now @samanthabeetle and the account is set to go live at 9:30 a.m.

EST Monday, with more tweets from Bee set to follow.

The Twitter account has already been used by Bee for years as she and other celebrities have tweeted about their favorite shows.

In 2016, Bee tweeted that “Walking Dead” was her favorite show, as well as “Downton Abbey.”

But in September, she tweeted that she wasn’t watching the show.

The “Swan Song” star’s latest tweet has her retweeting a fan post about a fan asking if the character of Sally “Liz” Lacey was actually played by Sally “Ella” Lacy, the actress’ character in the series.

Lacy is also seen in the popular “The Princess Diaries” TV show, which premiered in 2009.

Bee tweeted that fans have been asking for her to join the account.

So she’s doing so, and I’m so happy to be able to share with you some fun photos of me in my character!

“The account also tweets about Bee’s upcoming role on the new “The Voice” TV series.

Bee will play a new character called “Jazz Queen,” the show’s executive producer said in a tweet.

Fans of “The Wire” also found out about Bee joining the account after a fan asked Bee if she had a “Wicked” tattoo.

Bee tweeted back that she had, and she was going to get it soon.

The actress is known for her love of “Star Wars” movies and TV shows and is also the daughter of director George Lucas.