How to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 with an exclusive Samsung fan palm

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 is getting a fan palm for the first time ever.

The fan palm, which Samsung describes as the “premium fan palm,” will come with a set of four customizable shades of blue, green, red and white.

The fan palm comes in at a whopping $149.99, which is just $2 more than the standard Samsung Galaxy fan palm.

There are no details on when the fan palm will be available, but the Samsung Galaxy team did tweet out a teaser image of the fan palms in a Samsung store in Shanghai earlier this month.

The fans, which can be used on a wide variety of devices, include a 4K monitor, a smartwatch, a tablet, a TV, a gaming console, a projector, a headset, a smartphone and a gaming mouse.

It’s unclear when the fans will become available for purchase, but they are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

Samsung has also launched its own fan palm product, which it calls the “S7+ Fan Palm.”

The fan palms come in two sizes: standard size and premium.

Samsung is currently selling the Galaxy S5 and S6 for just $299.99.

That’s $50 less than the Samsung S7, which will cost $549.99 when it launches on March 3.