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More than 100 people died during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

That was the deadliest earthquake to hit the United States since the 1989 disaster in Haiti that killed at least 2,000 people.

Now the city of Port-au-Prince, where the quake struck, has been ravaged by the devastating disaster.

The city of 50,000 has been without power for more than a month and has been devastated by the disaster.

A day after the quake hit, CNN reported that Haiti had been devastated for a month, but the official U.S. State Department’s Disaster Relief and Recovery Center, which was the lead agency on the relief effort, told CNN that the country had received only about one-tenth of the relief it needs to recover.

The agency said that the total costs of the quake, which has claimed more than 1,600 lives, are around $15 billion.

The U.N. agency responsible for coordinating relief in Haiti said it had received about $5.3 billion.

Here are some of the things that have changed in the past year.

President Trump has said the U.K. will pay for the reconstruction of the island, but that he doesn’t know how much money is going to come from Britain.

That’s still a lot of money.

The Trump administration has also said that $3.4 billion of that will be spent on relief efforts in the U-K., but many of the countries most affected by the quake and the subsequent disaster have not contributed to that money.

More than 1.3 million people are in shelters, according to the U.-K.

and the World Food Program.

Many of those people have been displaced and are struggling to find jobs, but many have also lost their homes.

The White House has said that it would provide up to $25 million to rebuild houses and other infrastructure damaged by the earthquake, but it’s unclear how much that money will be.

The United States will also give more than $1.7 billion in aid to the country, including $500 million for humanitarian projects, $250 million to improve communications in the disaster zone, $1 million for emergency response efforts, and $100 million for disaster assistance and reconstruction.

That will be enough to provide food and water to 3.4 million people for six months, according the U,K.

In the U., $1 billion will be set aside for the relief and reconstruction effort, and that amount will be divided equally among U. S. states, according a White House statement.

The remaining $1,000 million will go toward rebuilding and reconstruction projects, the statement said.

U. N. agencies have been working for months to reach an agreement on how to spend that money, but have been unable to reach a deal on how much the U and the UK. are likely to agree on.