How to change your fan sound when watching a movie

How to switch the fan sound to the silent film mode in your home theater. 

If you don’t know how to change the fan mode, you can also watch movies from your home, but this is less convenient. 

The default fan mode is to play silent movies. 

This means that when you have a movie in the background, the sound will be muted, which makes watching a silent movie on your TV more difficult. 

To change the Fan Sound, you will need to follow the instructions below.1.

Go to the Settings > Sound & Ambience. 

You will see the following options:1.

Choose Fan Sound2.

Set the Fan Mode3.

Change the Fan Tone4.

Set Fan Mode Volume5.

Change Fan Mode Speed6.

Change Voice Volume7.

Change Sound Volume8.

Change Movie Sound9.

Change Cinematic Sound10.

Change Game Sound11.

Change Themes12.

Set your TV’s Fan Mode (Fan Sound Mode)13.

Set Your TV’s Sound Level (Sonic Level)14.

Set Sound Level in the Settings menu15.

Change Your Home Theater Setting for Fan Sound (Sound Level)16.

Set Home Theater Settings for Fan ModeVolume Control: You can use volume controls to adjust volume, mute or mute your fan. 

A series of numbers is displayed on the left side of the screen to help you adjust the volume. 

Set your volume to 100% for silent movies, 60% for fullscreen movies, 40% for movies with dialogue and 25% for music. 

It will turn on and off the fan and then turn it back off when you are finished watching. 

In the settings, you need to select the desired setting. 

Volume Controls: These controls are located at the bottom of the settings menu. 

There are three different settings:1.)

Custom Volume: Select this setting to choose the desired level of sound. 

Note: The volume slider is only for silent movie and movie soundtracks.2.)

Default Volume: You can change the default sound level. 

For example, if you have the TV set to silent movie sound and you want to change it to music, select this setting.3.)

Movie Sound Level: Choose this setting for the volume level of the music in the movie. 

These settings can be useful if you want the sound of the movie to be louder or softer than normal. 

Remember to select this when changing your home Theater setting.

The fan is very quiet, and it’s very easy to mute. 

Here are some ways to mute the fan:1) Turn the TV off. 

Close the TV and the volume knob. 

Tap and hold the TV remote until the fan stops humming.2) Set the TV’s volume to its default level (10%). 

Turn the volume down until you hear no sound.3) Turn down the TV volume to 0%, and turn the volume up until you are able to hear music.

The mute button will not work. 

I have not been able to find a way to turn the TV into a silent fan mode. 

Sometimes, I have been able and the TV will still start humming, but that will just get louder. 

Keep turning the TV up until the TV is silent, and you should hear music or a movie sound.

The fan sound is very loud. 

Even with the fan turned off, it is very easy for it to be heard. 

One way to get rid of the fan is to use an old TV with a built-in mute button. 

Open up the remote, and slide the mute button into the remote. 

Then, turn the remote down to a low setting and turn it up until it stops humming completely. 

With the TV still humming, the fan can be heard as loud as it should be. 

While it sounds louder, it will not be distracting or annoying. 

Again, the fans sound very quiet and the mute buttons do not work well. 

Buttons: In addition to the mute and volume controls, there are buttons on the TV. 

Many of these buttons work differently, and I have not tested them all. 

However, the buttons on most TVs will turn off the fans, so they should be safe. 

When the TV turns off, the volume control turns off the lights and the fan sounds stop. 

After turning off the TV, the mute switch turns off and the sound control turns on. 

Lastly, when you turn on the sound, the TV shows a notification and tells you to turn off your fan or turn it on again. 

Some TVs have a menu button on the remote that turns the fan off when the TV enters sleep mode.