Pokemon fans pose with outdoor patio fans

Outdoor patio fans can be a great way to show off your love of the Pokemon franchise.

(CBC)While the fans have been around since the series first launched in the US in 2000, it took several years before Pokemon fans got to enjoy their own outdoor dining experience.

But thanks to a collaboration between Pokemon fan Art & Friends and The Game Collective, that time is finally coming to an end.

The group recently put together a series of fan art brackets featuring various Pokemon characters and locations that fans can decorate with a variety of fan-made fan art.

(Art & Friends)”We’ve created a series for fans to draw on the walls or tables of their own homes or businesses and make their own custom-made Pikachu fan art,” said Art & Partners CEO Matt Lebovitz.

“We’ve also done this for people who are fans of other Pokémon series like the Pokemon anime or manga, and have them decorate their own tables and chairs with their artwork.”

The Pikachu fans are inspired by some of the locations in the anime and manga series, including a giant Pikachu tree in the city of Pewter City, a Pokemon arena in Pewter Gym and a Pikachu tree at the Pokemon Center.

To create their fan art for the brackets, Art &Friends volunteers have drawn and decorated Pikachu characters on the back of a Nintendo Wii, Pokemon poster board, a Nintendo DS or Game Boy Advance game console, a poster board for a Nintendo Game Boy and a Nintendo 3DS game.

The artwork was created by local artist Ben Williams, who is also responsible for creating fan art on the Pokemon characters of the series.

“He’s been amazing in bringing us this incredible series of artwork, which is incredibly cool,” said Lebovet.

The Game Collective is also working on a series that celebrates Pokemon fans.

“Pokemon fans can create their own Pikachu fan artwork, but if they want to celebrate the franchise’s rich history and lore, we have a special Pikachu themed bracket for that too,” said Game Collective founder Alex Liss.

The fans are not limited to Pokemon.

Lebouvitz said the Game Collective will soon be adding more Pokemon fan art to the online gallery.

“There are a lot of other franchises out there that have created fan art that is amazing,” he said.

“We hope this series will bring some new fans to our site and hopefully encourage them to visit the gallery.”

You can get more information on the Art & friends fan art series on their website.