‘My dream is to be a professional soccer player’: Fan who was forced to sleep in the pitch

My dream is that I will one day be a soccer player, and that I can one day compete in the Premier League, but it took me longer than most to reach my goal.

For the past decade, I’ve lived a double life, a double existence in my parents’ basement, where I grew up, with my family, in a house of my parents and a family of my siblings and my grandparents.

It was like a double city, a very strange place in terms of the normal things my family does in life.

I’ve had a very good childhood, and my parents were very strict about everything in terms to make sure that I never left them.

The only thing I’ve ever been good at was soccer, which was not really that good.

I was really into basketball and football, and I always played with the older kids.

I didn’t really understand why they were playing soccer with me, but I was like, “Yeah, it’s because they’re my age,” and they’re like, “‘Cause they’re all my age, dude.

We play soccer.

That’s how we play soccer.”

My mother was always saying, “If you don’t want to play soccer, just stop playing.”

And so I always stuck with it.

I just kept playing.

So, one day my brother came home from soccer practice and I was sitting on the floor, and he was crying, and said, “Mommy, I just got hurt.”

I was just sitting there crying, because my mom didn’t want me to play with the other kids.

So my mom got mad and she got her brother out of soccer practice, and they were going to go home.

But I’m sitting there watching them.

It wasn’t until I was in my late teens, my parents finally left, and we lived in a single-family house.

My mom moved away and we didn’t have anybody to watch over me, so my brother and I were living in the house together.

I started playing soccer, and then when I was 10 or 11 years old, I started getting really good at it.

My mother kept telling me, “I want you to play professional soccer, so that you can play with them, because you have to play professionally.”

I didn’t believe her, and it just didn’t make sense.

I played with my friends, but no one really liked me, because I was kind of weird.

I never liked playing soccer.

I used to sit in the stands and play with my brothers and cousins.

My brother would come and go, and when he came home, I would go play with him.

When I was 13, I tried to go to college, but my mom said, I don’t think you can get a scholarship, so I just said, let’s go play soccer with my cousins.

And then we started playing and it was like we were on the same team.

It’s crazy, because now that I’m older, I’m a better soccer player.

But I played, and every game I played I was winning.

I scored goals and I got a lot of assists.

Then I went to school, and there were a lot more kids who were playing, and you were like, I want to be like them.

I thought, I have to be good.

So I was a good soccer player and then I got really good and started competing with the top kids, and one day, my mom asked me to go play in the United Soccer League, which is the first division of soccer.

So, I went and I did a few games, and a lot people were like my mom was really mad, but then I went back to the house and I said, [sighs], I don.

I’m just not good enough.

I wanted to go back to college and get better.

So the next season, I was playing with the best players in the league.

But then I started losing my confidence, and people started calling me out on the field and stuff.

They’d say, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

And I’d just be like, What are you talking about?

What are these people talking about me for?

They didn’t care about me.

They were just saying, You don’t play soccer anymore, you’re bad, you need to get better, you just don’t have the talent, you can’t do this.

So it was a really hard thing for me.

It was really difficult, because it was my first time ever competing at that level, and because I didn, it was really hard for me to be the player I wanted.

I had never played in a game in my life, and now I had to get through this, and so I went out there and played with some really good players and was winning games, but that was really frustrating for me, and to this day I can’t imagine playing