Fan city: Kids ceiling fans make a lot of noise as they go by

Fan city is the nickname for the neighborhood that has seen the biggest growth in the number of kids playing in its backyard, but now a new development is building a new indoor space for kids.

The park is being called the Kids Ceiling Fans Center, and it’s set to open in mid-January in a former McDonalds building.

The new facility will offer a large indoor playing area, with a ceiling fans that will rotate every hour to create an indoor atmosphere for the kids.

There will also be space for the new kids program.

“This is a community of kids,” said Julie Leavitt, the executive director of the Kids Center, which will run the center.

“This is the only place where you can be with kids and see them play and interact and play together.”

The center, which is being built by a local company, will have two different types of seating: one with a small-screen TV and an adult-size one.

The smaller seating will be a smaller, more intimate space, with seats set back about 25 inches from the ceiling, and the larger seating will have a larger, full-size screen, and seats set up to the ceiling.

The Kids Center has also created a new space for adults to sit and play in, and a “kids playground” that will be set up in the parking lot for adults and kids to play.

The center is being set up at the corner of East Washington Street and East Main Street.

Leavitt said the Kids Central building will be the first indoor space that is designed to be a family-friendly environment, with space for families to meet, work and hang out.

The children’s play space is set up just as the center was in 2010, but it has more seating, so the kids can be playing in the full-sized seats with the large screens and the adult seating with the small screens.

A child wearing a shirt that says, “Welp, we can’t wait to be kids again” in the new Kids Ceilings Fans Center.

The new space, called the Children’s Playground, will be just north of the Children Center, where the Kids Centers are located, and will be one of the last of its kind in the city.

The Children’s Center is still operating as an indoor play area, but the new facility has an outdoor playing area for the children.

In the new space where the center is located, the Kids Playground will be located in the same parking lot, and there will be space to play and relax in a large, full sized outdoor area that has two large screens for kids to watch the game on.

The Kids Central has a long history of serving the neighborhood, and Leavit said it was “very important to us to have the space to have this facility open in the neighborhood.”

Levitt said they are working to find a developer for the space, and hopes to start building it in the summer.

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