How to get rid of your window fan at Walmart

Last week, I walked into the Walmart store in Bentonville, Arkansas and was greeted by the most depressing and depressing sight I have ever seen.

It was a window fan.

I mean, it was a real window fan, a real fan with an actual window.

And inside the store, it looked like it had been installed by a kid.

The fans were running and there were two windows on the right side of the room.

On the left side of that room, there was a guy who was working with a giant blue vacuum cleaner.

And he was trying to figure out how to get his windows shut, and he was like, oh, I’ll try this thing, and it works, and then it blows out the window.

This is what Walmart looks like.

This was what Walmart looked like before they got rid of their windows.

Walmart is like, ‘Oh, no, no!

That’s just the fan, man.

It’s just a fan.’

I’m like, dude, you’re a real asshole.

It looked like the windows were completely shut.

There were also windows on each side of each wall that had been torn out, and there was this guy that was working on a vacuum cleaner with a hose that was sticking out of the wall.

The vacuum cleaner was on the left, and the guy on the wall was working in the center.

He was working like crazy, and when I walked in there, he was doing this kind of crazy thing.

He had this hose coming out of this thing.

I can’t believe this is real, because this is what a real vacuum cleaner looks like inside a Walmart.

But the guy was working that thing, so he was going, ‘Here, let me put the hose on this thing and we’re going to see if we can get it to shut down.’

The guy was trying so hard, but the hose wouldn’t budge.

And then he had this weird look on his face and it looked a little weird.

Like, ‘I’ve got a real problem.

This thing’s not working.

I’ve got to figure something out.’

So, the guy went back inside and the vacuum cleaner just blew out the wall, and all of a sudden, the vacuum came out and the window fan went out, like, on its own.

And the guy ran out of his store, got a big vacuum cleaner, and was like ‘Yeah, I got a window.’

He went to the bathroom, went back into his store and was still working on that thing.

The window fan was just sitting on the floor, in this weird place that looked like a vacuum.

I was like: I can tell by this that the guy working on the window was a little bit freaked out.

The guy’s a janitor, so this is his day job.

And this was just like, what the fuck?

What the fuck is going on?

That guy worked at Walmart for two years.

He worked at a Walmart in Bento, Arkansas.

This guy was a janitors day job, and now he was a Walmart employee.

And I thought, this is just crazy.

He’s not even sure how to shut the window fans down, and I was just trying to help him, because I was trying.

And it’s just like: No, no.

The thing is, the window is the window, the fan is the fan.

And if you try to get a window shut, it blows up.

The fan is going to blow up.

You have to go out and fix the problem, and this is the thing you can do, the little guy.

And all the sudden, he starts trying to close up the windows.

It starts blowing up and the fan blows up and he starts freaking out.

And you know what, he’s like, man, I’ve gotta get my window shut.

He goes to the window guy, and they’re like, yeah, you’ve got the window open.

And when the guy tries to shut it down, the door shuts on its hinges.

You know what that means?

It means the fan just blew the window out, the windows are closed, and you’re going out to get the fan back up.

This dude was so freaked that he just kept doing this, like trying to shut off the fans.

And so I just was like I can fix this problem, I can go get this thing fixed, and so he goes, ‘Yeah!

I can do that.’

And he does.

And like, the other day I was at work, and one of the guys who worked at the store called me.

And they were like, I need help.

We need help with something, and we need a fan, and maybe we can come up with something to fix the window at Walmart.

And that was a couple of weeks ago.

And today I was out here with a friend, and like, we’re at a little party, and that