Fans of Juventus celebrate at the end of a Serie A match

Fans of the Juventus were celebrating in front of the team’s stadium after they beat Lazio 1-0. 

They wore their red shirts and waved Italian flags. 

Lazio won the match 3-1. 

However, after the game, the Juventus fans left the ground, chanting: ‘We are the people of Juve’. 

The fans were not on a bus but walked around the stadium in their reds and the fans sang ‘Viva Juve’ as they left. 

The team has been fined over 100,000 euros (US$140,000) after they refused to give up possession of the ball. 

Juventus have been fined 2 million euros for not giving up the ball during the match, as well as being fined for the red shirt.