Walmart fans say ‘not worth the wait’

A group of Walmarts fans have taken to Twitter to voice their disappointment with the retailer after fans were unable to buy tickets to the show in the UK.

The #WalmartFandom Twitter account tweeted out a message to fans on Sunday night that said: “We don’t want to sell tickets to this show, because it’s not worth the Wait!”

#WalMartFandom has been active on Twitter since its creation in November.

It is a group of fans who use the hashtag to share stories about their favourite merchandise brands.

The hashtag also has a dedicated hashtag for the show, #WalmartsUK.

“We’re a huge fan of #WalmdansUK, but unfortunately we can’t attend.

That’s why we’re taking to Twitter,” one fan told the Guardian.

“If you can’t get tickets to #WalMartsUK in the U.K. we’d like to see you at the show.

#WalmsUK” Another fan posted a photo of themselves holding up a sign saying “#WalmartUK”.

“If anyone can’t go to #walmartUK then we want you to be there and we want it to be #WalmasUK,” one user tweeted.

“You’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking with us!”

Another fan tweeted: “I’m sorry to hear that #WalmondsUK can’t be held this year, but we’re all in it together, so we’ll be there anyway. #walmsuk”