The last time a player was stripped of his rights by a team is when they were accused of sexually assaulting a fan in 2002.

In a story by CNN’s Erin Burnett in 2012, an unidentified fan named Jessica was assaulted in an alley outside a home game.

In 2014, a woman claimed to have been sexually assaulted by a Kansas City Chiefs fan in a Kansas arena.

The woman’s allegations were never proved, and the Kansas City team denied her claims.

Fans were outraged when the Kansas team claimed they were innocent and then sued the woman, claiming she was only attempting to get attention.

This is the first time a Kansas fan has been stripped of her rights by the team, though it isn’t a clear-cut case.

But there is precedent.

In 2015, a Kansas team owner was sued for allegedly having sexual relationships with fans.

This isn’t the first lawsuit by a fan against a team owner.

In 2005, a fan sued a Kansas University basketball team for having sexual relations with her and her friends.

The lawsuit was dismissed after the team paid $20,000 to settle.